Attractions Tourism à Gréoux les Bains

At the Templars castle : concert, theater, movies, out in the open under the stars of Gréoux les Bains.

In the streets, on Fridays in July and August :

  • The "By Night" with crafts, lively streets, music. A friendly and festive ambiance.

Markets :

  • Thursday in Gréoux les Bains.

  • Markets of "Savors" : crafts fair, antiques fair, resale stands.

14th of July :

  • Beautiful fireworks worthy of our National Feast. The day before at the nearby village of Vinon-sur-Verdon you can admire a river of fire as the fireworks are shot along the river : a double spectacle not to be missed.

Music :

  • are you a pianist ? then come with or without your music sheets and tape your favorite pieces on our piano, a Yamaha disklavier.

So many great evenings to look forward to….